Each Lion’s Head Stoneworks ColorBlock™ U-Connect-It System Outdoor Fireplace, Grill and Island Kit comes with all the pre-cut stone pieces you will need--packaged for easy delivery.

Installation is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Pick your location & prepare a solid base
  2. Select & match the color-coded logo with the help of illustrated instructions
  3. Apply adhesive to the stone pieces & set in place

Benefits of ColorBlock™ U-Connect-It System:

  • The structure has been planned, designed and tested.
  • All the materials have been sourced, packaged and labelled.
  • All the stones come measured & cut, and in some cases corner segments have been pre-fastened.
  • You receive detailed illustrated Assembly Instructions and a checklist of required tools and materials.
  • The overall job is quicker and easier that starting from scratch.

Installation, is it for ME?

The ColorBlock™ U-Connect-It System has been designed for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner as well as a professional landscape contractor. Detailed instructions are provided with each Lion’s Head Stoneworks Kit. Take a look at the sample Assembly Instructions (see buttons on top right) to get an idea of the level of detail provided. Do the Instructions provide the right level of detail for you? For a summary of the installation process, read on...

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Each stone piece has a color-coded Lion’s Head Stoneworks Logo stamp which corresponds to the Illustrated Assembly Instructions.
  2. Each row is described in detail and there is a color-coded illustration for your reference. The instructions indicate whether to place the color stamp logo: “up”, “down or to the “inside” of the structure.
  3. Once an entire row has been staged, you can apply adhesive to the stones and fasten them permanently in place. It is important to follow the adhesive instructions to ensure that excessive adhesive does not deposit on the exterior face of the stone, and to ensure that there is enough adhesive to complete the project.
  4. Once the structure has been assembled, the adhesive may need some time to cure before use. Recommended cure times are provided.

Sample Illustration Instructions:

Each Lion’s Head ColorBlock™ U-Connect-It System Outdoor Fireplace, Grill and Island Kit comes with detailed illustration Assembly Instructions which provide:

  • An overall Illustration and Product Dimensions
  • Order of Assembly & Installation Time
  • ‘Before you Begin’ Important Information
  • Material Preparation & Check List of Materials
  • Adhesive Instructions & Illustrations
  • Description of Stone Pieces
  • Troubleshooting Questions & Answers
  • Site Preparation & Illustrations
  • Detailed Instructions for each row & corresponding color-coded Illustrations

To learn more about installation, be sure to check out the sample Assembly Instructions available for download (see buttons top right).

Download a complete set of Assembly Instructions for the Fireplace Box
See how to install the Gas Insert unit into the Stone Fireplace Structure
1 - Materials Packaged on a Pallet
2 - Adhesive Application
3 - Fireplace Under Construction
4 - Close-up of Inner Structure
5 - Fireplace Installation Progressing